Vivian Ripley art

Vivian Ripley (art)

Mary Hoffman letters

Mary Hoffman (letters)

The National League of American Pen Women, Inc. offers memberships in several arts, letters, and music/dance categories. To become a member, contact us by clicking  here to go to our Contact page.. A member will invite you to a branch event and see if you mutually feel the fit is right. The membership chair and a sponsor will then help you complete the application and eligibility credentials forms. She will also explain the benefits of local and national membership more fully.

Below you’ll find additional information regarding membership in the Pen Women. Please take time to watch the video at the bottom of the page! You can also click here to visit the national website for membership forms and instructions.

Types of Membership

We welcome women with backgrounds and skills in:

  • Art
  • Letters (writers)
  • Music and Dance
Peggy Dye music

Peggy Dye (music)

Membership Classifications

For each membership type, we have the following classifications:

  • Active membership
  • Associate membership
  • Allied Professional membership

For descriptions and application forms, see

Please Contact Us if you want to join and we will help you through the application process.

Notable Pen Women

  • Helen Keller, writer
  • Eleanor Roosevelt, First Lady and active member
  • Georgia O’Keefe, artist
  • Pearl S. Buck, writer
  • Grandma Moses, artist
  • Maya Angelou, writer
  • Rosalyn Carter, First Lady and writer
  • Hillary Clinton, First Lady and writer
  • Erma Bombeck, Ohio writer
  • Alice Shille, Columbus artist
  • Vinnie Ream, sculptor
  • Leonora Spreyer, Pulitzer Prize winner

Watch the video below for more information on why to be a pen woman.